Sunday, February 22, 2009

Getting back...

I'm sharing with you my thoughts of comming back to Norway...

When I was leaving US i thought to myself "It will be good getting back to Norway, see my friends ect ect!"....... Lets put it like this - I didn't have an issue about going back to Norway! BUT, now that I am back, I wish I wasn't... I know, Emil, this might sound wierd to you (because I know you miss norway) but STAY AS LONG AS YOU CAN... The parks in Norway sucks! Spess. at the western part. Every night after I got home I've been dreaming about Colorado's kicker lines and rail set-ups. But what can I do?? Go visit Odd in Geilo?

Ok... I need some more media in my blog post more then only text, so here's a funny video with an idiot-girl in it. hihi


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Anonymous said...

HAHA :D sick


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